The Project
The Janski Beeeats project is shouldered from 2007 by the musician and illustrator Jansé. Off stage, he writes a comic (inspired by japanese manga) that tells the story of Janski, a young boy who needs music to fight against his infection. On stage, Jansé embodies his character and plunges us into his universe, thanks to the video projections. With his chiptunes, synthesized melodies and frenetic beats, he turns the dance floor into a Space Invaders game ! Unlike other electro music shows, Janski Beeeats is not a DJ and he most certainly knows how to add a touch of rock’n’roll to his performance. His incendiary guitar skills and keytar solos make him a real Electro Hero. 
After touring Japan and supporting bands like Ebony Bones and Fumuj in France, he will be releasing his new EP late May on the label Un je-ne-sais-quoi. He will also be performing on April 14th at Le Printemps de Bourges festival.